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Whele is a technology-driven platform that acquires leading brands and enables them to thrive in the large and growing 3rd party marketplace ecosystem. 

Whele focuses on top products and brands that sell predominately through 3rd party marketplaces (e.g., Amazon).  We take a long-term view and purchase businesses and products that have strong customer feedback and a track record of success.  We invest in technology and operational excellence to take those businesses to the next level.  We love to work with successful entrepreneurs who have found a product that resonates with customers but are looking to start their next venture or take some time off. 

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We understand Amazon businesses and have broad eCommerce experience.  We will work with you to quickly understand the value of your business and execute a fast and seamless transaction that gives you the exit you're looking for.  Rest assured your products and brand will be in the hands of seasoned operators who will take it to the next level.